In 1998 a young dancer, fresh from London Contemporary Dance School and looking for work, bumbled into an audition for an aerial theatre show she’d never heard of. She was late, barefoot, and had no idea that over the next few days she would discover her true calling in life. Fearless, fervent and remembered as the bravest tiny powerhouse that looked so peaceful leaping from the rafters of the building attached only to a bungee cord- she lived the spirit of the show, and was chosen from amongst thousands to become part of the original cast of De La Guarda, the iconic Argentinean aerial theatre company. Her name was Wendy Hesketh.

At about the same time Ale and Tincho, two brothers and members of the founding creative team of De La Guarda, walked into Urban Rock, a climbing equipment shop which stands within London-based climbing centre The Castle. They were looking for the owner- mountaineering legend Sandy Ogilvie, for a spot of advice. The show they were about to put on at The Roundhouse in Camden, London, was going to need a team of specialist climbers with exceptional skill, and they wanted to know where to find them. Sandy thought of the best climber he knew, the partner who since the age of five had climbed with him all over the world, and told them- you need my son.
Jamie Ogilvie was at the end of his first year studying a degree in Outdoor Recreation when he came on board with De La Guarda, and after a matter of weeks had proven such innate talent and ingenuity that he became head climber, and never looked back.

It was here in this atmosphere of wildly passionate creative abandonment, that Wendy and Jamie found each other and began to shape their own aerial dreams- flight, dance in the air, freedom.

More than a decade later and they still have the same energy and determination that has truly become their hallmark. Now pioneers of their genre, and an almighty force for development and innovation, they advocate for their technique termed bungee-assisted dance; communicating the infinite possibilities of this art form to their peers, their audience, and the industry.

What Wired Aerial Theatre can offer is so much more than performers, choreographers, climbers or teachers.
We are dreamers, we are achievers…and we can fly.


Visit our website at www.wiredaerialtheatre.com



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