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Weekend Workshops – booking open!

Professional level Masterclass with Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie

BAD & VW Workshops

Led by the Artistic Director of Wired Aerial Theatre, Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, this Masterclass weekend is aimed at Professional movers working within the dance and/or aerial world. This masterclass will focus on Bungee-Assisted Dance and how it can be used in conjunction with ground based performers. A professional development opportunity, this masterclass will support you to learn, play, create and experiment with Bungee-Assisted Dance – a technique that has been created, developed and refined for 16 years here at Wired Aerial Theatre.

This is a professional level masterclass. No previous experience of bungee-assisted dance necessary.

Date: Sat 19 & Sun 20 Nov 2016

Time: 10-4pm

Place: The Higher Space, 10 Cotton Street, Liverpool, L3 4DY

Price: £175


Open level Bungee-Assisted Dance and Vertical Wall

Dani bungee

Join Wired Aerial Theatre’s expert tutors for a weekend combo workshop of our favourite harness techniques – Bungee-Assisted Dance and Vertical Wall!

Enjoy moments of flight and support as you dive, leap and zoom through the air on our bungees in the morning, then focus your thoughts and flip your world by 90° as you fly, bounce and leap across our tensioned fabric vertical wall in the afternoon.

Open to all levels of aerial experience and ability. Previous dance/fitness experience is beneficial.

Date: Sat 26 & Sun 27 Nov 2016

Time: 10-4pm

Place: The Higher Space, 10 Cotton Street, Liverpool, L3 4DY

Price: £150


*Click ‘BOOK NOW’ to fill in an online booking form and register your place. Once you have filled in your details we will be in touch to arrange payment. Places cannot be confirmed until payment is made, we will reserve your place for one week only. 

If you have any questions about the workshop please contact us at or 0151 207 7568.

FREE Taster Day! Sunday 23 October


We are really excited to open our doors at The Higher Space, our Centre for Aerial Excellence, for a special Taster Day on Sunday 23 October, designed to give you a little taste of all the wonderful things Wired Aerial Theatre gets up to here…  If you want to get fit, try something new and exciting, or just see what we’re all about then come along to this day of totally free activities!


Here is what’s in store:


10.00 – 10.45 – Junior Silks/Fabric (suitable for ages 6-15)

Beginning with a short warm up, students will then learn a few skills on the silks and rehearse them in sequence to finish. A cool down ends the session.

10.45 – 11.30 – Junior Hoop (suitable for ages 6-15)

Beginning with a short warm up, students will then learn a few skills on the hoop and rehearse them in sequence to finish. A cool down ends the session. It would be great for our existing junior aerial members to bring a friend along to try either of these morning sessions!

11.30-12.30 – Junior open rehearsal

This is an opportunity for our existing junior aerial circus members to share their work with family and friends in a relaxed and informal environment.

1.00 – 2.00 –Adult Aerial Circus (age 16+)

Beginning with a general warm up, participants will then learn a few skills on our hoops and silks, and rehearse them in a sequence. Finishing with a cool down featuring really useful stretches designed to improve flexibility.

2.15 – 3.45 – Adult Vertical Wall (age 16+)

Following a general warm up, participants will then be fitted with a specialised climbing harness. You will then be led through some basic technical exercises that will allow you to experience flight and swinging. This is Spider-Woman/Man territory! Finishing with a lovely cool down featuring really useful stretches designed to improve flexibility.




Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.  All sessions are free – spaces are limited to one session per person and offered on a ‘first come first served’ basis, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. For all those looking to have a go in one of our sessions, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that’s not too loose fitting, e.g. a t-shirt and leggings/jogging bottoms.

We offer a range of workshops and classes throughout the year in aerial circus and aerial dance.  If you see something you like and sign up on the day you’ll receive 20% off!

The day’s activities will take place at The Higher Space, 10 Cotton Street, Liverpool, L3 7DY.  If you have any questions please contact us at / 0151 207 7568.

New ADULT Bungee-Assisted Dance Course!

That’s right! You read correctly! We have put a new Adult Bungee-Asssisted Dance Course into our regular classes and course timetable here at The Higher Space and we couldn’t be more excited!


IMG_6377 1600.jpg

What is it?!

This class isn’t just for dancers – it’s a great cardiovascular workout and muscle toner, focusing on strengthening and stabilizing the core of your body, all with an element of flight. A great alternative to regular aerobics!

It involves wearing a hip harness that connects to the bungee at the back of your body, so you can move with no restrictions in front of you. The bungee is tensioned so that you move and dance dynamically around the floor whilst experimenting in lift, flight, bounce and power. We explore a variety of skills throughout our lessons, from large, weighted movements to more subtle rotations, inversions and tips. You are fully in control of placing your feet back on the ground whenever you choose, and the more energy you give to the bungee, the more it gives you back in return.

Thursdays at THS – 7-9pm 

A six week course costs £150 in full, or you can take advantage of our Early Bird Discount and pay just £125 if booked and paid before 26th August 2016.

This course runs for 6 weeks beginning Thursday 15th September 2016. BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

Interested? Booking is simple… Just use our handy ONLINE BOOKING FORM and we will get the process rolling for you!

We look forward to getting you flying at The Higher Space!


Want more info on our classes and courses? Click here!

THS sign 4.1

The Higher Space

10 Cotton Street


L12 5EY

0151 207 7568

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for an experienced Company Administrator to work full-time in the Wired office as part of our small (but growing) team. We need someone who can help us develop and deliver excellent administrative systems in this exciting next phase of the company’s life.

See the full Job Description here

How to Apply

Applications: To apply please send your CV with a covering letter (no longer than 2 pages) explaining how you meet the requirements of this role to or call 0151 2077568 for more information

Deadline: Thurs 28th July – 5pm

Shortlisting: Candidates will be shortlisted and invited to interview by Weds 3rd August

Interviews: Candidates will be invited to the Higher Space on 18th or 19th August

SLICE World Premiere!

Come join us in London this weekend for the World Premiere of our brand new show SLICE!

Saturday 2nd July / 13.00, 14.10, 15.25, 16.45 / Montgomery Square, London E14

This weekend is the long awaited premiere of SLICE, part of Dancing City, GDIF 2016.

IMG_3426 edit layer kw 1600

Choreographed by Sharon Watson, SLICE gathers sublime contemporary dance and gravity-defying aerial technique and scatters it across a stretched fabric stage.

A couple’s reality is played out in several stages while inadvertently affected by other forces and energies. A series of connections and disconnections allows the exploration of the worlds that sit above and below every one of us. The piece is adrenaline-fuelled, edgy, mesmerising, with danger hovering in the air. Dividing power and sensitivity, SLICE propels this art form into uncharted territory.

Come and be part of the festival! See the full GDIF programme here.


SLICE creation and guest choreographers: an interview with Wendy

As we speak the whole of Wired Aerial Theatre is working on SLICE, a brand new outdoor Bungee-Assisted Dance show. The even more exciting news is that we have commissioned Sharon Watson, Artistic Director of Phoenix Dance Theatre, to choreograph it for us. Our own Artistic Director Wendy gave us some insight into working with Sharon and what to expect from SLICE this summer…

FullSizeRender[2] edit1

How did you come to the decision to work with Sharon?

I have followed the work of Phoenix Dance Theatre for as long as I can remember. I have watched it evolve and thrive and have admired Sharon’s work as Artistic Director for some time, particularly MELTher aerial dance piece using slings/strops.  It was this piece that led me to think that Sharon would be a very good choreographer to approach to work with us on the bungees. I spent a great deal of time researching Sharon before approaching her. I enjoyed finding out more about her choreographic process, her drive to keep things fresh and new and her need to keep moving forwards exploring new areas when creating work. She also spends an incredible amount of time researching, and for me, any good quality work that involves Bungee-Assisted Dance requires an awful lot of research and understanding.

What did you see in MELT that inspired you?

It was Sharon’s approach to making the work, from the perspective of feeling that ultimately dance was at the heart of all movement performed. I believe that aerial equipment can provide a way of extending movements, moments, and the dancer’s body while in the air, and while leaving and returning to the ground. This is what has always driven me to work both in dance and in the air, and of course this obsession is where Bungee-Assisted Dance grew from. Sharon and I have spoken a lot about how we are more focused on watching the dancers body form in motion, than being aware of the equipment that is sharing the space with the dancers. If we do it well enough we will lose the awareness that the bungee is there with us too.

After meeting with Sharon in 2015 to find out more about her personally and her way of working I was reminded of the fond memories I have of training at London Contemporary Dance School, when I worked with movement that makes you feel a certain way, and comes from within. Letting your individual movement qualities dance out of you! When I was swept off my feet working with De La Guarda, other things were added to the mix and became more of a focus; a whole new range of performance qualities and experiences. I am thrilled to be returning to a process that had been washed to the side of my palette a long time ago and am looking forward to sweating, rolling, jumping and moving from a place within my soul that could do with a really good shake up. We all are!


So where do you begin when inviting a contemporary dance Choreographer into your company to explore and use your aerial technique?

At the beginning! As everyone knows who works with me, I’m obsessed with accuracy. I need everyone to be able to speak in the same language so that we can all talk in great detail about what we are interested in, what we want to do, what we see and how we need things changing or developing as we work together in the same room. Of course there is a massive amount of fast tracking in this initial part of the process but I do always begin at the beginning. If we all speak the same language we can push the genre forwards intellectually, together.

So where is the beginning in this case?

I provided Sharon with a written manual of our technique. It’s a detailed reference point, has vocabulary sections in it and covers the basics of what she has in her toy box to play with when working with us. It covers both physical and technical information necessary to understand the technique and its uses, to allow her to make choices throughout our creative process. For me, even the act of clipping someone on and off the bungee is a huge detail and one that needs considering when creating the piece. A lot can be lost in a clip on/off moment from both an audience and performer perspective.

Do you follow the same plan each time you create work with a guest choreographer?

We always split the creative periods up into research and development parts before we begin working on developing the piece. We space these periods of work apart too, so that there is time for Sharon to process what she has seen and can come back to us with areas she is particularly taken with and wants to play more with. The idea is that we provide her palette with the largest range of colours, for her to paint the most intricate and vibrant picture for us.

So what is the focus this time? What can we look forward to?

Personally I am looking forward to exploring the pure movement qualities each dancer owns, including myself, and seeing how Sharon brings air to it. Seeing how her movement dynamic influences how we move on the bungees and of course the group work that will inevitably grow throughout the process. I’ve also suggested stretched fabric as an alternative thing to play with and we have all loved playing with this element most recently. I’m really looking forward to being exhausted by dancing in all dimensions!

From an audience perspective, we will explore with Sharon how the bungee can influence movement and its quality, and in doing so will arrive at a point where this vocabulary informs the theme for the piece. Having spent two periods of research and development with Sharon I can see already the dynamic she is bringing to our movement and can see glimpses of sheer exhilaration when it all starts to fit together. This is already a very exciting collaboration and will produce a breath of fresh air for all of us.

And finally, some thoughts from Sharon!

“What’s exciting about this commission is the fact we are colliding! My experience of aerial choreography goes back to when I was 18 years old and inspired by Ra Ra Zoo, the Australian company who planted creative possibilities. Not many companies fuse movement language in a way that’s seamless and intriguing. This is for me a perfect match, galvanising the skills and articulation of Wired Aerial Theatre with my athletic form, cinematic vision and musical integration!”


Come and enjoy the premiere of SLICE on 2 July as part of Dancing City at Greenwich+Docklands International Festival!